My Journey With Iteracare

First I want to share how I discovered the wand. Just before I was in hospital a friend was telling me that she had been told about a wand that was helping people with all sorts of ailments. She mentioned that she was going to get one to try on her dad.

Her dad had an abscess on his leg that had been there for many years, he had been going to the hospital for quite a while to have it cleaned and dressed. His leg had lost circulation from the sore and had turned a purple colour. The doctors had told him there was nothing more they could do and he would need to have the leg amputated.

The wand was acquired and sent to her dad, who started using it as instructed twice daily. In 4 days the colour was returning to the leg and the abscess was starting to look a little better.

By the time the 4th day had come, I was In hospital with my own health issues. I had gone into septic shock only a couple of days before and my body had taken quite a pounding.  I was very fortunate to still be alive but that’s a story for another day, It turned out that I had a stone in my left Kidney. I asked if the wand could help me to recover and we decided that it quite possibly could considering all of the amazing testimonials we were reading. We borrowed a wand and in about 10 days when I had another ultrasound, my stone had reduced in size by 1/3. I had also started to notice that I was getting better very quickly and was starting to feel like my old self only 2 weeks from the date I was admitted to hospital in a terrible way. Septic shock can take anywhere from several weeks to 18 months to recover and here I was only a couple of weeks later feeling immensely better. I continued to use the wand and as the days progressed, I noticed other things happening. My skin was looking very clear and much more youthful in all areas of my body and spider veins that I had on my legs were starting to fade and become much less visible. My friend’s father was also improving and by week 8 for him, the sore was getting much better and he no longer needed amputation. 

I will continue my journey with the wand and also start to use it in treatments on clients because while sound and energy healing work on the etheric level the wand can help on the physical level.  You can see more information about the Iteracare wand or book a session below


The iTeraCare device is certified as a household electrical appliance. It has been certified as “safe to use.” it emits no harmful radiation, and it has labels allowing for it’s distribution internationally.

The iTeraCare blower is not a medical device and the manufacturer provides no medical advice. Users understand that the device is not intended to as a medical device or for diagnostic purposes on which reliance should be placed. Its use is not intended to be relied upon in lieu of medical treatment or advice by a trained medical professional. Users understand that they use the iTeraCare blower at their own risk.

Always consult your doctor or other healthcare professional with any questions regarding any medical condition, or for specific guidance regarding the use of the iTeraCare blower, nutrition, or physical activity.