Your Body Speaks to you

The body will speak to you and give you messages of what needs healing. Once you can feel into those messages you can heal anything that may need to be released.

Life is a classroom for us to evolve our souls, the eternal part of us will continue to grow long after this body has returned to the earth. Each lifetime allows the soul further growth. The Earth is our playground, however, we must learn to balance our energies. This is so that the body can release the emotions of lessons that have been given to us as gifts, that will evolve our spirit through the physical plane. 

Emotions of lessons – Each lesson we encounter along our journey will cause an influx of emotions. Lessons can often be worked out via our emotions. Start asking yourself questions on a daily basis.

  • How do I feel?
  • Am I happy?
  • Am I fulfilled?
  • Am I joyful?
  • Am I grateful?
  • Do I love myself?
  • Am I kind to myself?
  • Do I continually judge myself?
  • Do I spend time on self care daily?

There are many more questions you could ask yourself but once you have sat and pondered on these questions, sit and meditate  and see what comes to you. As you progress and continue to ask questions of yourself, you will find that you start to understand what your body is telling you. The more time you give to yourself the more connected you will be to your divine essence. You will also find that once you start asking the questions, you will start to release old emotions that have been stored in the body causing disharmony and dis-ease. You will naturally start to heal yourself.

How we deal with our emotions will have a huge impact on our physical body. This is why it is so important to monitor your vibration (how you feel, speak and think). Our vibration can be determined by what is going on around us. You will know how high or low your vibration is by taking a look at your everyday life. Do things flow for you or do you have many obstacles during the day? Do things miraculously appear when you need them or is everything always a struggle to find? Do opportunities seem to fall into your lap or does nothing ever seem to go right?

Everything is connected and all linked to your vibration.

It is also important to take a moment in stillness and see what your body is telling you. 

Each body part that has pain indicates the type of energy that is stored and we can easily learn to decipher what needs to be released based on where the disharmony is within the body. Different emotions tend to affect different parts of the body. Our emotional state will determine our physical health, therefore we need to always be aware of our vibrational frequency and adjust accordingly to keep the body free of dis-ease.

Any type of trauma in our lives leaves a residue within our energy systems and if we don’t allow it to come to the surface to be healed it will cause a physical problem within the body. Unhealed emotions manifest as physical dis-ease within the body. The physical manifestation is the last resort of the energy system to release the underlying problem.

Physical manifestations force us to look at the issue and heal it or allow it to consume us.

Energy healing therapies help you to connect with that part of you that is eternal. This allows you to gently release the original emotions and damage in the etheric energy systems so that you can bring about your own healing. A healer is just the facilitator/ conduit who helps you to connect to that divine part of who you are. 

As you heal yourself you will start to understand the messages your body is sending you. It is a wonderful journey.

Much love to you. 

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