Time to Cleanse

I have been clearing my homes and environment for as many years as I can remember on a regular basis. I generally smudge using dried Sage. You can buy pre-made smudge sticks, loose sage or you can grow it and dry it yourself. Sage can leave your home with a not so nice smell of smoke however it is a great way of clearing away the negative energy.  Cleansing a home can also be done spiritually in person or by distance.  Negative energy can build up over time and starts to cause tension and emotion within the home. It can be shifted on a daily basis by burning Incense, listening to uplifting music, filling the home with fresh flowers or plants or diffusing essential oils. Love and happiness will lift the vibration of an environment and laughter breaks up negative energy very quickly so always remember to bring out that inner child and stay playful with lots of laughter and silly times.

When we are surrounded by a build up of negative energy things can start to go wrong or we just don’t feel right. We tend to not want to go home or feel uncomfortable while at home or maybe just can’t seem to get moving or have any motivation.  We can also pick up energies from our work environments and carry those negative energies into our homes. We really need to keep ourselves and our homes clear of negativity by using essential oils or Incense on a daily basis.

Changes in the world can cause a build up of energy as well as the phases of the moon. Have you noticed that when the moon is full things can feel a little tense? Once we understand these energies we can work with them and use them to our advantage. Clearing on a regular basis can help us to make way for an amazing and abundant fun filled life. Just remember we are in some intense times at the moment so it is easy to pick up on others emotions so make sure you keep your energy clear by cleansing yourself (an epsom salt bath is a great way to rejuvenate yourself after a long day and cleanse your body of any negativity) and your environment whenever you feel out of sorts. 

Always remember to have fun and bring joy and laughter into each and every day.