Be Careful What you Wish For

It’s funny I often say this to people when they are ranting and saying things they might regret. The Universe is always listening and sending us everything we wish for. We seem to have forgotton over time that which our ancesters understood very well. Which is, our vibration and frequency sends out signals to the Universe so that it can deliver whatever we are asking for. Our request signals are sent out by what we say, how we feel and what we think. In fact everything we radiate from our five senses is sent out like little radio antennas to the warehouse in the etheric. What is sent back to us is dependent on the level of vibration that was received by the universe from us.

If majority of what you speak, feel or think is negative, then majority of what manifests in your life will also be negative. This is why it is so important to practice gratitude for what you already have, no matter how small or insignificant it is. Gratitude has a way of shifting us into  thinking of positive things instead of our minds being caught up in thoughts of lack.

The Universe is always listening as I was reminded recently. I have never had a problem manifesting and have understood energy for a very long time. However, I became very unhappy in recent times and found it really hard to shift myself out of it. I really don’t mind sharing as it was a lesson I really needed to learn myself. I wasn’t practicing what I have been preaching for such a very long time and it literally came back and kicked me up the proverbial.

I was sitting at my computer around sometime in September and I was feeling really sorry for myself and I did something that many of us are doing in these times of great change, where the world seems to look so dark. Anyway, I literally told the universe to take me back to source. I said, I am done here so you may as well take me.

It nearly did about 4 weeks later when I found myself in hospital very close to death. I had an experience, an awakening which I will go into in more detail at a later date. While in this place of awakening, I was given the choice by spirit to go back home or come back to earth to fulfill my mission. When standing there with this decision to make, the only thing I could think of was my family and that I was not ready to leave. I chose to come back and so here I am sharing with you, as you read this post. Be very careful what you wish for because you may well get it.

What you speak will come to you, your words are so powerful and will magically conjure up what you speak. It isn’t called spelling for nothing. Your words cast spells out into the ethers sending back to you those spoken words in physical form.

What you think will come to you, your visions and daydreams hold power and along with your words send powerful messages into the invisible world, that which you are visualising, so it can be manifested into your world.

Once your words and visions are mixed with the vibratory rate of your physical body they are gigantic orders that the universe will deliver to you right on time. When your vibration is lowered and negative then you will be delivered a daily dose of negative physical conditions. 

The wonderful thing about this is that once you understand how powerful this knowledge is you can shift your frequency to one of abundance, love, happiness and joy. It really is very simple. The scary thing is that it puts you in the driving seat of your destiny and that makes you completely accountable for everything that life is dishing up to you.

Start thinking about what you ask for on a daily basis and you will know by what is showing up in your life. It’s time to take the reins of your life and start asking for what you really want. But remember one little sentence.

“Be careful what you wish for.”

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