Welcome to the new home of Harmony Inspirations, where Harmony brings Inspiration to your life in its purest form. I am an Author, Healer & Energy worker and would like to share my love for shifting energy and lifting the vibration with you. As a child I was always aware of the energy change in environments when different people were around and could tell what people were thinking. For many years I shut this gift out but in recent years with a lot of changes happening in my life and what I strongly believe to be divine guidance, I have now started living my journey as it was meant to be. My desire to help you clear away the binds that hold you back and clear your energy to live your purpose.

My advice to you today is to live by the 3 L’s

  1. Live life by always following your inner guidance.
  2. Love everyone without judgement with the purest of unconditional love.
  3. Laugh often while embracing and nuturing your inner child continually.

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