Harmony in the Body & Inspiration in the Mind brings Healing to the Soul!

It's All About Vibration

Vibration refers to the energetic frequency or resonance associated with one's spiritual state or consciousness. It relates directly to the quality of a person's inner energy, which can influence their well-being, emotions, and interactions with the world around them.
Higher spiritual vibrations are associated with feelings of peace, love, and enlightenment, while lower vibrations may manifest as negative emotions or states of disconnection. Practices like meditation, mindfulness, Reiki and sound healing are ways that can be utilised to raise one's vibration and invite higher vibrations in to help shift the direction of your life.

Our Services

Allow us to help reconnect you back into alignment with the universe and increase your vibration!
Healing on the spiritual, etheric and physical levels.

Reiki & Spiritual Healing

Reiki is a holistic healing practice that involves the channeling of universal life energy through a practitioner's hands to promote relaxation, balance, and well-being in the recipient.

Tuning Forks

Tuning fork healing utilizes sound vibrations to promote relaxation and balance energy in the body, aiming to enhance overall well-being through harmonization. It's a holistic therapy often used for its soothing and stress-reducing effects.

iTeraCare Wand Frequency Sessions

The Iteracare Device is a non invasive, safe and natural way to help improve our health & wellbeing. It works by stimulating the body's own natural healing process to help improve circulation, reduce inflammation and promote relaxation.

Client Testimonials

Beverley is a rare find. I first met her in 2009 in FNQ when our children were in the same prep class. Beverley is a beautiful friend and professionalism with world class skill and sensitivity to create genuine results. The year before I met Bev, I went through a hard decision to make in my life, due to that I was full of negative feelings, and I just went on day by day. Beverley discussed with me how she works with energy. Long story short. Beverley saved me! I completed Reiki sessions with Beverley and with all the positive energy my body was changed. I was losing the weight I had put on; my mind also gave me a sense of closure. Beverley is somehow able to read a problem accurately and work energetically to make it different. Beverley has the ability to address problems on a level that actually changes them. I trust her. I am grateful for all the remarkable changes she has help me to bring into my life. Beverley, thank you so much for everything you have guided me through, you are the most beautiful friend and healer I know.
Nicole E - Hervey Bay
Bev has a thirst for knowledge and constantly advancing her mind. Amazingly talented in all aspects of spirituality. A wonderful healer. Bev is a Reiki Master using gentle hand movements to guide the flow of energy through the body to reduce stress and promote healing. You can feel the warmth of her healing hands work their magic on you. Reiki gives your body a break from the stresses of daily life, helping your body return to a state of relaxation. Explore the depth of her abilities as you are guided by her wisdom as she is a master in this domain. Bev’s compassion and experience as an energy healer, writer, crystal enthusiast, an empath and a spiritualist will make this journey a life-changing experience. I know first hand of Bev’s abilities as I’ve had the pleasure of receiving her energy healings many times. Nothing short of amazing. I’ve known Bev for over 20 years and you’ll come to love the caring, funny, dedicated and sincere person that she is as well.
Colleen G - Gold Coast
I highly recommend ‘Pure Energy’ by Beverley Chance to everyone I know. It is a book that really opened my eyes and made me so aware of energy and how it works. Even though the book is not very thick, it covers some very important topics and there are many eye openers, and makes one even more aware of the continuance of life, all explained in a very easy to understand manner. The chapters on ‘our purpose and passion’ opened my eyes to what my purpose and passion is, because of the way it was explained. A book I will no doubt go back to again and again for reference and reminders of how we are all connected.
Sandra M - Sydney