On the Wings of a Butterfly

When I am completely in the flow of life, that is when the poetry comes through. I published a selection of my poetry as it started to grow, many of my poems are based on life, energy and connection. When I posted them on social media people would comment on how they resonated with certain ones. From there the decision came to publish a selection into the book you now see.

It is available in paperback or ebook format below.

Pure Energy

Pure Energy was written and first published in 2012 when the earth was starting to shift, and humanity was awakening to the reality of what was really going on in the world. I wrote it to help awaken those that were ready to step into the light of their being and become what they chose to be here for this lifetime. It is still relevant today for those just awakening and understanding the spiritual aspect of their being.  

You can get a copy of the book paperback or ebook below.