Feng Shui

Feng Shui translates to wind (Feng) and Shui (water) – the way of wind and water and throughout ancient times it was believed that water carried chi (energy) throughout the landcapes and by learning to harness the flow of energy within the home and land you can  harmonise the home environment to attract prosperity, wealth, health, happiness and success or to bring positivity into the home or environment. It is based around placement of furniture and homewares using the five elements to harmonise the home and allow for positive chi to stay within the home. Once you understand how the flow of energy can be affected you can intuitively place your items to bring positivity into your lives and homes. It is all about vibration as we always say and Feng Shui can help greatly with harmonising the vibration of your home.


Kua Numbers

Just like we have numerology to determine life paths and aspects of your nature, we also have Kua numbers which are based on your date of birth. Once you know your Kua number you can work out your four good directions and four bad directions which can have a profound effect on your life.

Harnessing the chi in the best possible way for your life and home is a wonderful way of harmonising with your environment.

We can help you work out the best placement of furniture and homewares to activate your wealth, happiness, health, family or success corners of your home. Once you understand this life begins to flow and you can attract amazing energy into your space.

Our hourly rate is $40.00 please contact us if you would like to enquire or book.